Family Relationships & Conflict

Family Relationships & Conflict Dysfunctional family relationships rise to a new level when it’s time to care for aging parents. Past history—like sibling rivalries or perceived favoritism — resurfaces when caregiving becomes a role. Siblings can disagree about what parents want. Anxiety, emotional distress, and frustration run high. Dysfunctional family relationships are common. Gain confidence that managing conflict is possible. Increase your coping skills and find solutions.

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Not Getting What You Want

Not Getting What You Want By Pamela D Wilson MS, BS/BA, CSA, NCG The holidays are a time when families come together and gifts are shared. How many of you have childhood memories of not getting what you wanted? Because of this memory you may have been a parent who gave your child everything he or she wanted—and you...

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Imperfect Family Relationships

Imperfect Family Relationships Imperfect family relationships impact caregiving relationships. When families come together in caregiving situations, at family or holiday reunions, or when family members interact in the general course of life, there are often past relationship glitches or hurts that remain an underlying curre...

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Family Dynamics of Caregiving

Family Dynamics of Caregiving Navigating the family dynamics of caregiving can be challenging. Many family members, including aging parents disagree on how or where care should be provided. When these concerns were not previously discussed and a crises occurs, family disagreements are common due to the pressure of having to...

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