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Denial Refusal CareDenial and Refusal of Care – Denial and refusal of care is frustrating for caregivers attempting to be supportive when parents refuse or deny care. Admitting that any of us need care or assistance is difficult. Parents and loved ones say, “I don’t need any help,” when care is needed. How do caregivers provide support without taking over or demanding care be accepted. Is this even possible?

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Why Loved Ones Refuse CareHow many times do we express a concern and the person to whom we’re speaking offers a suggestion? How many times does our mind immediately dismiss the suggestion rather than being curious and asking more questions? It’s human nature to prefer to vent and complainrather than solve our own problems. There are even times when we become irritated with the person offering the suggestion when they are only trying to help.

Denial is fear in disguiseThe mother of a client was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago. There are four children, two sisters and two brothers, in the family who rallied to provide care for the mother in the way of day to day activities such as housekeeping, meal prep, errands, laundry etc. After about a month, the children decided to seek outside assistance because they realized that their mother’s health will not improve and it is not possible or practical to keep up the schedules of providing care, working, and caring for their own families.

Having Another Birthday?Birthdays come and go and time flies before we realize. We buy a home; have children, save for college, retirement and other expenses. But many of us fail to consider the importance of protecting our independence when we retire, including protecting our retirement savings from the cost of escalating health care expenses. Most are surprised to learn that one year in a skilled facility today averages $75,000 per year and that Medicare does not provide for this payment. This amount would substantially or totally deplete many retirement savings accounts.

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Bathing- Turning Refusal into AppreciationHow many of you experience refusals by family members or residents who simply refuse to bathe? The excuses are common:  “I’m not dirty, I don’t need a bath, I bathed yesterday (when they haven’t bathes in a month), and I don’t work anymore so I don’t sweat and don’t need to bathe.”

The Risks Of An Innocent AnswerFamily caregivers are inexperienced. Innocent answers result in client dissatisfaction when providers fail to provide appropriate guidance.


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