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Dangers of ignoranceDangers of Ignorance – This category cautions caregivers and those needing care to fully investigate resources and recommendations as those providing the information do not always have extensive experience in the areas in which they are making recommendations. Well -meaning individuals looking in from the outside often cause more harm than good in caregiving situations. Some older adults are trusting and vulnerable to outside influence.

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Intimidated by the systemA woman called asking for assistance in having her father released from a nursing home. Her father was admitted 45 days prior for rehabilitation after a stroke. It was the opinion of the nursing home that her father needed continuous care and should remain in the nursing home permanently.

5 Star Quality Ratings For Nursing Homes Highly QuestionableThe news recently buzzed about the Five Star Quality Ratings published for skilled nursing facilities. I was excited myself until I looked further into how the ratings were actually calculated. The ratings are based on three categories of data: health inspections, staffing and quality measures. Information is available online at Medicare Nursing Home Compare.

Top 10 Caregiving MistakesThere is no education to prepare us for the role of a caregiver or a care receiver. As in many aspects of life there are lessons to be learned and a lot of bumps and bruises that occur along the way. The challenge with caregiving and care receiving is that needs are usually immediate. Decisions have to be made. There are no “do-overs.” Practice doesn’t always make perfect.

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Chronic Disease, Physical Strength and Old AgeHow many of you remember Jack LaLanne, an early pioneer of good health and exercise? Jack is quoted as saying:

“Life is survival of the fittest. How many healthy people do you know? How many happy people do you know?  Think about it. People work at dying, they don’t work at living. You’ve got to exercise. Your health account, your bank account, they’re the same thing.”

Failure To AskIt’s always the question not asked that results in problems. Improve your questioning skills to improve workplace and patient outcomes.

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