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Caregiving distanceCaregiving From a Distance – Family caregivers living at a distance from loved ones needing care often feel helpless or overwhelmed because they’re unable to provide support in managing day to day care needs.  Topics in this section include alternatives and support available to caregivers who wish to become involved in the lives of loved ones but who are physically unable to re-locate or provide daily care.

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Checking On Family During The HolidaysMany family members only see their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other loved ones during the holidays due to distance, time and many other factors.  It is often after these visits that I receive phone calls with the statement, “mom and dad seem to be really going downhill”.  The holidays are a good time to visit family and to monitor the ongoing ability to complete everyday tasks by older parents and grandparents.

Managing The Checkbook For A ParentMy mother, Rose, managed everything in our home including paying the bills.  After she passed away I discovered that she never knew how to balance a checkbook.  In looking through the check register, she simply transferred or deposited more money when the balance became low.  Born in 1926, mom attended high school but did not graduate due to family responsibilities of having to care for her younger brothers and sister.

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Caregiving From A DistanceHow to avoid “little disasters” in the lives of parents when family or friends live at a distance.

Pleasantly Ignorant About Your HealthDo you ignore signs of chronic disease and other medical conditions?  Do you fail to ask questions that might result in answers not to your liking?   This includes asking your doctor questions about your health and the doctors of your loved ones about their health.

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Promises MadeInterview With Dr. Elizabeth Ferris, Co Director, Brookings-Bern Institute
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