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After caregivingAfter Caregiving – Caregivers have great difficulty re-establishing lives and daily routines. The role of caregiver ends when a loved one transitions or when a loved one is moved to a care community. Significant loss and guilt is experienced by caregivers when roles change and caregivers find themselves without the past daily routine of acting in the role of a caregiver. If you’re a caregiver how do you re-establish routines to support a return to a life without caregiving?

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Purpose in later lifeCaregivers have a definite and measurable purpose when the individuals for whom they care remain alive. After caregiving, many caregivers feel lost and without purpose. This often occurs because the caregiver being dedicated gives up their entire life: employment, friends, social activities, hobbies and more to devote 24 hours a day to care for a loved one. While this is admirable it is not always best for the caregiver in the long run. Re-building a life after caregiving can be very, very difficult depending on the time period the caregiver has been isolated in the role of caregiving.

Tips to staying physically active There is no day or time like the present. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not arrived. Living life to the fullest on a day to day basis brings a brighter tomorrow. If you or a loved one has been told your lifestyle is not as healthy as it could be, that it is recommended you eat right and exercise, try looking at becoming more active in a positive light. The word exercise brings dread into the minds of many who feel exercise is work, that it cannot possibly be enjoyable. Physical activity will serve you very well as you age and make your latter years a time of healthy aging versus a time of being old and sick. The following are 10 tips to staying physically active as you age.

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Promoting Happily Ever AfterHow might communities support dedicated family caregivers? Developing programming to support residents and family caregivers may also promote your community.

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