10 Tips to Help you Love, Live and Appreciate Life

Life becomes so busy you wonder where time goes.  The holidays become a time to show loved ones you care, but what about the rest of the year?  So often we become so busy we miss taking time to stop and think about everyone and everything important to us.  The Caring Generation aired a special program about love by interviewing and asking couples how they kept relationships interesting and appreciative.  Below are the recommendations of these couples and other research that supports communication and love:

  • The circle of love- Some say the bigger the diamond the greater the love.   Ask yourself if this symbol holds truth for you?  There are many other ways, costing absolutely nothing, to show someone you care.  Sometimes a simple gold ring says much more than a big diamond.
  • Candy or dark chocolate2 – Research supports the health value of dark chocolate even though chocolate may be seen as an indulgence.  Why not dip your favorite fruit in dark chocolate as a special treat?
  • Make time to talk – Time is free and the value priceless.  When was the last time you and your loved one made time to talk? To talk not only about the events of the day but about your beliefs and hopes for the coming year.  How often do you tell your loved one that they are a big part of what is good in your life?  As relationships become routine remember to express appreciation for the little things.
  • Rub your woes away2 – You do not need special skills to give a massage. Human touch is essential to healthy living. Rub the shoulders and feet of a loved one and see how good this feels; then ask them to reciprocate.
  • Candles, light action2 – Candles have a way of setting a mood.  Set the stage for romance by lighting a few candles, dimming the lights and sharing a candle light dinner with the one you love.
  • Relax and listen2 – Sit back, listen and enjoy music.  Let the music bring back memories of happy events and activities that you enjoyed together.  Get close and dance.
  • The joy of flowers – Store bought flowers are nice.  Have you considered making your own backyard garden so that you can have fresh flowers spring and summer long?  Consult your local garden shop about plants that will bloom and those that make great cuttings for vases.  I remember my mom’s yard filled with fragrant lilacs and peonies in the spring.  There is nothing better than the scent of fresh cut flowers.
  • Red, red wine2 – Red wine, if not overly partaken of, is good for you.  An occasional glass of wine has health and other benefits.  Sometimes sharing a glass of wine with a loved one after a long day at work offers a way to unwind and share stories of the day.
  • Passing gold to the next generation – Most of the world’s reserve of gold is no longer available through mining the earth, but sits in jewelry boxes, bank vaults, and in symbols of power.  What happens to jewelry when loved ones pass on?  Might the heritage of family history live on if items were listed in wills and passed on to younger generations who might re-tool the jewelry for their wedding and engagement rings?
  • Hello and goodbye – If you have pet, what is your pet’s response when you walk in the door after a long day of work.   Does your arrival represent the best part of your pet’s day?  Why should returning home after a long day of work be any different for you or your loved one who you haven’t seen all day?  Make it a practice to kiss your loved one hello and goodbye each day when you both come and go.  I am told that it is these little things that keep relationships and marriages successful.


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