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Uncommon Wisdom CategoryUncommon wisdom for caregivers is gained through practical experience and sometimes trial and error. If you want something done, give the task to a busy caregiver.

When the health of aging parents fails, caregivers seek wisdom and advice. Having a sense of duty and responsibility family caregivers become the strong ones.

The downside is caregivers can become stuck in a rut on the small details and occasionally miss the bigger picture of care needs. Using common sense, good judgment, and uncommon wisdom helps caregivers make good decisions and manage crisis situations.

Rest easy. Real answers, real solutions, and caregiver support are here.

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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology   Are you familiar with assistive technology? We all know that technology is everywhere— computers, tablets, laptops, cellphones, games, video cameras, digital cameras—many people are addicted to having the latest technology to the degree that they wait in long lines at technology stores s...

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