Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s

Memory Loss & AlzheimerThe effects of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease diagnoses are indescribable and life-altering. Over 50% of older adults have dementia (the broader term for Alzheimer’s)—but are not diagnosed. Does caregiving for a loved one with dementia result in feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, or depression? Are you embarrassed to admit anger? Is it time to take away the car keys? Is it time for assisted living or memory care? You don’t have to make these heart-wrenching decisions alone. Find answers and solutions here.

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Brain Health

Brain Health Interview with Dr. Bryan Kolb, Principal Investigator Behavioral Neurosciences, University of Lethbridge, Canada (podcast 8:06 playing time) Learn about brain health in this interview with Dr. Bryan Kolb and Pamela D Wilson on The Caring Generation. Click the Play button below to listen: ...

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