Financial Exploitation of the Elderly: Can You Do the Math?

By Pamela D. Wilson, CSA, MS, BS/BA, CG

I recently received a letter with an AARP logo telling me that I may have sewer line issues and that I should contact a particular company to have an investigation completed or I might be personally liable for damage to my sewer line and to the homes of my neighbors. I took a moment and was able to review a logical process in my mind that confirmed that my house is on a well. If there is a well then there is no sewer line. If there is an issue it would be with my septic tank not my sewer line. If there is no sewer line then there is no potential for damage or to the homes of my neighbors, who also by the way have wells and septic systems.

My next thought was that the sender of the letter obviously didn’t check to make certain I was on city water with a sewer line. The next thought was that they were sending thousands of letters to residents who might not be able to review a logical thought process that would confirm that the letter was a scam. This thought made me angry, however I confirmed with the police that the letter was not “illegal”. What a shame that some older adult in my neighborhood would likely participate in this scam and have no recourse.

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