You put your family member in a nursing home and are filled with guilt. It was a difficult decision but you really couldn’t provide care any longer. Congratulate yourself on making the best decision for your own health and the health of your loved one, well maybe. You believe your family member is in a nursing home where they receive excellent medical care. The problem again is the system. Most nursing homes have an extremely high rate of staff turnover. You get to know the first group of caregivers, they get to know your family member. The trouble then starts, medications get mixed up, it takes longer for your husband to be taken to the toilet, showers occur maybe once a week. If you want to have a successful experience with a family member in a nursing home, you must be diligent in monitoring the care of your family member. Request family meetings of the staff for updates, ask questions etc. You are the only advocate your family member will have and if you don’t feel you have the experience level or time, hire an advocate if possible.

Caregiver Advocacy

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