You’ve been seeing the same physician for 40 years. What makes you think that the same physician you saw in your twenties can treat you for the same issues now that you’re sixty? The concept of seeing a geriatrician is the same concept as seeing a pediatrician. Geriatricians specialize in the needs of older adults, however they are not specialists for the multiple other conditions you have now. A cardiologist treats patients with heat disease. A urologist treats patients with bladder disease. A neurologist treats neurological disorders including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. A dermatologist treats issues of the skin. A podiatrist treats your feet and trims unruly toe nails, a very common problem in older adults A nephrologist treats patients with kidney disease and so on and on. If you’re older and have multiple chronic conditions and expect good care you need to be referred to specialists who can help you. To further complicate your situation you no longer drive. Like in Monopoly, pass New York square and go to jail. You’ll need to access public transportation or hire a driver. Or in some cases, consider the PACE program where all of your needs can be taken care of at one location

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