Women, in particular, are at a disadvantage throughout our lives. We are traditionally the caregivers; whether it’s raising children, caring for a husband or caring for parents. All of these are noble actions and are usually done without consideration of the future. The disadvantage arises when women build careers, take time off to raise children and then try to re-enter the work world. Most times the position and compensation given up is never re-gained.  Sometimes re-entry into the workforce is part time. And then there is time caring for parents. This may sound crass, but where is the financial compensation for all of this caregiving?  Where is the financial compensation for lost years of income, social security, retirement savings etc? With the divorce rate today, some women won’t even have the opportunity to be supported by their husbands in return for raising children and caring for parents. And with the loss of financial compensation comes the reality that women will be somehow disadvantaged when the time comes that they need care.

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