You’ve solved the issues in your home that were causing concern or difficult and not you find that it is suggested that you no longer drive.  What about groceries, medical appointments, social occasions etc.  Depending on where you live there may be a variety of options.  Many grocery stores offer delivery services for homebound individuals.  The downside is that many have minimums, but if you can plan ahead this should not be an issue.  Many counties have local transportation services for older adults and in Denver Access-A-Ride provides a great deal of transportation.  To access this transportation system one must secure and application and have a physician certify that assistance is needed due to physical or cognitive disability.  Once the application is completed an appointment with Access-A-Ride is made and if approved, a card much like a credit card is provided to be used to schedule rides.  There are also volunteer programs that provide occasional transportation.  Transportation to social events is perhaps the more difficult to secure.  If you know someone who attends similar events, ask them for a ride or speak to the individual who organizes the events.  It may be possible to set up carpool rides to allow attendance.

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