I recently met a young person in her 30’s who was involved years ago in a traffic accident. She was sitting at a red light and began to proceed when a state patrol car hit her at 140 miles an hour in pursuit of a speeding car. Needless to say she was seriously injured both physically and mentally. Due to Colorado rules the maximum settlement a person received in this type of situation is $150,000. While I have no idea her settlement I do know that this amount of money would never be close to the amount she will need to care for herself for the rest of her life. She has a brain injury, is unable to work and has difficulty with organization. There are no living family members. She is doing her best to get by day to day but realizes that soon she will no longer be able to pay her rent or buy food. While I’m sure there are many law suits that are unjustified, this individual was truly left behind because the system did not work for her. I wonder how many others have experienced a similar situation?

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