Health insurance can be a maze especially if you are self employed or retired and have to make a choice not only about your insurance company but about a primary care physician. Because of the hassle in changing plans and physicians most people stay with the same plan year after year while there may be a better alternative. I work with many older adults who have insurance costs that keep stacking up higher and higher. While many are interested in looking at alternatives, most don’t change because they don’t want to lose their primary care physician who they’ve seen for years. It’s one thing to complain about insurance costs and folly to keep doing the same thing year after year. For older adults, the annual enrollment or period of change for insurance occurs between November 15 and December 31 for the next year. If you’re dissatisfied, now is the time to make a change. If this experience has taught me anything, I’ve come to understand that there are people who just like to complain and have absolutely no intention of making the situation better. Maybe you’re different.

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