Continuing on the idea that we all love our homes; is the idea of a home easier when the home is shared with another individual? Would I live in my current home if my husband was not alive?  Absolutely not.  I would probably live in a condo or a townhouse without the maintenance issues of our current home.  That being said, I enjoy gardening in our yard and putting seed out for the birds, filling the bird baths and watching the tulips come up in the spring.  This is one of the joys I experience from home and yard ownership.  But as I get older I look at the flight of stairs and the amount of rooms to be kept and realize that this eventually will be more that I want to or will be able to navigate.  I seem to be looking to simplify life, whether it’s downsizing possessions or making the day to day easier and I’m already looking at this in my late 40’s.  My husband says it’s because of my profession and perhaps he is right.  I see so many of my older clients who haven’t downsized and have homes that are too large with too many possessions that they simply don’t want to give up or have no idea what to do with and this becomes a significant consideration when it’s time to consider a move.

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