Home care is one of the most important components of allowing older adults to remain at home. The problem is that the older adult receiving care must be able to manage the caregiver and speak for themselves. Many older adults don’t want to complain because they feel appreciative of the help or don’t want to get anyone in trouble. This is where the trouble starts. The caregiver, realizing this, takes small liberties like arriving a few minutes late or leaving a few minutes early. Issues with childcare? They bring their child to the home of the older adult who of course says it’s not a big deal because they like the caregiver. The child eats at the home of the older adult driving up the monthly grocery bill. The caregiver should be paying the client for the privilege of working at the home instead of the client paying the caregiver. The home is not as clean as it once was, but this is not a big deal because the poor caregiver is having so many personal problems of her own with her husband and children that the client becomes the mental health counselor. If you don’t believe this happens, wake up. It happens more that we like. This is where the older adult receiving care must set boundaries and be able to voice concerns. Or better yet have a family member or another person advocating for them to the company employing the caregiver. Don’t let this reality sour you on using home care. There are many, many good caregiving companies some with supervisors that make occasional home visits to solicit your input. In either event you need to be able to speak up for yourself and your needs to ensure that everything goes smoothly for yourself or for your family member

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