A friend of mine recently gave up the car radio and now listens to educational and inspirational books while she drives.  What a nice thing to do for ones self as sitting in traffic can be tiring and frustrating.  I tried this myself and it opened up a whole new world.  Let’s face it, car radio is repetitive and half the time I don’t even pay attention to what’s playing.  It serves as needless background noise so I don’t hear the humming of the car tires on the pavement. Most libraries have online catalogs where one can search and reserve books, videos, tapes or CDs.  I’ve become renewed fan of the library.  When I was young, my mother took me every Saturday to the library for a book session and then we would checkout books. In retrospect this is probably why I’m an information addict today and it’s a hobby for me. Listening to educational and inspirational books while I drive has made a positive affect on my attention span and has added hours of enjoyment to what would normally be a mindless drive. And the best part, because of the library, it’s free.  Anybody listened to any good books lately?

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