Do you ever appreciate what you have even more when in the presence of someone who has less? This frequently occurs to me in my daily work with clients. This appreciation doesn’t necessarily relate to material comforts. Sometimes it relates to the ability to perform a very simple act. A client of mine realizes that she is losing her memory and the ability of her mind to process information. She sometimes becomes panicky over small issues that are imagined when she combines the memory of one event with another. This usually occurs at odd times of day or on the weekend when I’m doing something I feel is important. However my client quickly brings me back to the reality of what is important. It’s not grocery shopping or doing my laundry. What is important is being in the moment with her when she panics and needs reassurance that everything will indeed work out and be well. It’s the importance of soothing another individual who has no one else to sooth a wound or provide comfort when needed. These small instances make me appreciate the ability to do what I do on a daily basis with clients.

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