Trying to change a habit can be difficult and almost impossible. Unless there is significant motivation and determination, the change either rarely occurs or is short lived. I have a client who wants to exercise. This woman has been healthy and active all of her life and she was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This has resulted in a change in mobility that requires her to “work” to remain active. All her life she has gone to the gym to exercise and she currently doesn’t belong to a gym so she is having difficulty exercising. She is also embarrassed about her physical appearance in going to a gym for exercise. While she sees the need to go to the gym for exercise she is embarrassed people will stare at her. After doing research we discovered that many recreation centers have sit and be fit programs, water exercise and other programs for disabled people that would make her comfortable and not feel like someone who had to be watched. She is going to try to make this new habit a routine so that she can maintain her physical mobility and health as long as possible.

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