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TipsTips – How many times do we look for quick tips or answers because our time is limited?  How many times might a single tip may the difference in our day?  In this section are tips on a wide variety of topics to speed your caregiving journey.

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10 Tips To Balancing Caregiving For WomenHistorically women have been considered the primary caregivers for family members and loved ones, while men have been considered the primary financial provider.  Times are changing and both traditional male and female roles are shifting to accommodate the needs of the family.  How can women focus on being a successful caregiver, mother or being financially and individually self sufficient while juggling a variety of different roles?   The following are 10 tips on balancing a caregiving role for women.

10 Tips To Finding Humor And Support In CaregivingWe often think of caregivers as individuals providing direct care to another person.  Yet there are many caregivers with careers that support us in our daily life – which we do not readily recognize as caregivers.  In many cases, caregivers are thrown into this role unexpectedly. At times the caregiving role is challenging and undesirable. Many accept this challenge because of love and duty.  What if it’s possible to find humor, relief and a sense of well being by adapting the unanticipated role of caregiving through a variety of different supportive services? The following are 10 tips to finding humor, relief and support in caregiving.


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10 Tips To Help You Love, Live, And Appreciate LifeLife becomes so busy you wonder where time goes.  The holidays become a time to show loved ones you care, but what about the rest of the year?  So often we become so busy we miss taking time to stop and think about everyone and everything important to us.  The Caring Generation aired a special program about love by interviewing and asking couples how they kept relationships interesting and appreciative.  Below are the recommendations of these couples and other research that supports communication and love:

10 Surprises Associated With AgingAlthough aging is a natural part of life, you will not give consideration to aging until your body begins to experience the effects of aging.  In this youth focused culture you might get caught up with the idea of remaining young forever and fail to consideration the surprises associated with aging.  Ask your grandparents about aging.  My guess is they have advice and wisdom to offer about the benefits and surprises of aging.  Below is a list of what you might hear:

When You Want What You Want - Interview With Dr Norbert SchwarzWhen You Want What You Want – Interview with Dr. Norbert Schwarz, Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan (podcast 9:23 playing time)

Press play below to listen to podcast.

Climbing The Highest MountainClimbing the Highest Mountain – Interview with Lydia Bradey, Mountaineer (podcast 11:22 playing time)

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10 Tips to Make Life MeaningfulAfter retirement, without a clear reason to get out of bed each day, some older adults lose interest in life. Life seems to lose meaning and the older adult becomes depressed, anxious, and may entertain the idea that life is no longer worth living.

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