I heard my dad commonly say, “What was I thinking?” when he would take a short cut that resulted in an outcome that wasn’t what he expected. An article in the Wall Street Journal, September 22, 2008, cited research by the Employee Benefit Research Institute in Washington (www.ebri.org), stating that “less than one quarter of workers, 23%, have savings and investments totaling $250,000 or more and about 60% have assets less than $100,000”. With this in mind how can we NOT continue to experience crises in health care? Not only health care related insurance but health care related to Medicare and long term care? The honest truth is that many of us don’t want to plan nor do we want to think about how we’ll live when we get older. We all want the idea of a golden retirement yet in my experience few experience this. I spent days in nursing homes helping families figure out what to do with their family members, in many cases, there is little money; however most families want the best possible care. If we think today’s banking and financial crises is bad, just wait until all of those turning 65 today need healthcare and long term care. The government won’t be able to finance the care so I ask everyone who falls into the category of not saving for retirement, “what are we thinking?”

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