The Predictive Index: Business Success Through People Strategy

Is your corporate strategy tied to your people strategy? Some leaders expect the corporate strategy to lead to business success without implementing a people strategy that delivers results. While some organizations reach their goals, others continue to struggle.

The High Cost of Employee Turnover

Not having a people strategy that employees understand can make or break a business. Aligning business strategy with people strategy can be accomplished by using The Predictive Index Talent Optimization platform.

I know . . . 

I’m Pamela D. Wilson. I built and sold two successful businesses after struggling to optimize the right corporate and people strategy.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked in corporate America for highly regarded Fortune 500 companies: ConAgra, Hunt-Wesson, Best Foods, and Unilever. I had access to the best training and employee development programs in the world, and I worked my way up in these organizations.

But still, that wasn’t enough . . . 

Making a difference in the lives of people became a passion. After the deaths of my parents, a brother, and a sister my priorities changed. As I shared my plan to start a “helping people” business, peers and colleagues told me I’d fail.

Finding the right people, the right employees, and creating the right business strategy was challenging. I built strategic plans and used many of the well-known employee assessment programs, including the programs used by the corporations that trained me to be a leader.Aligning People Strategy With Business Strategy

I thought I tied corporate strategy to business results. But the results were disappointing. I wasn’t hitting my goals. People and teams that couldn’t or wouldn’t work together were draining my energy. There were many sleepless nights and days filled with looking for the right solution.

Until . . .  

I discovered the secret. Using advanced people data to link business strategy with people strategy became the key to my business success. With the right tools hiring became easier. Managing teams became joyful. My employees took pride in their accomplishments and viewed themselves as high performers.

My companies excelled at providing excellent customer service and built a reputation of being the go-to company for caregiving services, not once, but twice. Throughout the process of developing and training my employees, I was able to relate the people and team strategies gained through talent optimization tools to the roles and responsibilities of caregiving.

Transformation happens . . . 

This experience contributes to the success of the online caregiving training programs that I offer today. When a business strategy aligns with a people strategy magical things happen.

In addition to business success, employees learn that workplace education and training transfer to valuable personal and life skills and vice versa. As a result, employees find it easier to focus on work and to manage their personal lives and the stress related to multiple roles and responsibilities.

The Remote Workplace

COVID-19 has changed the workplace forever. According to a study by getAbstract, 43% of employees want to work remotely even when workplaces reopen. The flexibility of managing family responsibilities that include child care and elder care are factors contributing to the desire for remote work. 

Time spent commuting has transformed into quality time with family. The effects of COVID-19 on the needs of elderly parents has increased the focus on caregiving activities. The importance of saving for retirement and planning for care has increased awareness. One-third of working employees provide care or coordinate care for elderly loved ones.

Are Your Managers Prepared?

It’s no secret that managers are stretching their skills to supervise employees in this new remote business environment. Clear communication, setting expectations, team building, employee engagement, and achieving goals remain important for business success.

Employees are spending less time one-to-one and more time in Zoom meetings, attending webinars, and participating in video conferences. The traditional working hours from 8 am to 5 pm are flexing to accommodate life and career goals.

What plans does your company have to address the people strategy required to pivot and succeed in this new work environment?

How The Predictive Index Builds Success

The Predictive Index Talent Optimization

The Predictive Index is a people data tool that can help your company update corporate strategy, inspire employees, match the right people to the right jobs, and diagnose workplace opportunities. The results are increased productivity, ROI, and committed employees.

In 1955, Arnold Daniels released the first PI Behavioral Assessment. Since then the assessment has been updated to keep up with changes in workplace practices and applications. Today the PI framework helps senior leaders align their business strategy and people strategy using the discipline called “talent optimization.”

Strategies to empower people can be implemented at every level of a company. The best people strategies come from within and build upon the strengths of individuals within organizations.

The Predictive Index People Strategy


As a Predictive Index Talent Optimization Certified Leader, I Can Help Your Organization Drive Business Success

The Predictive Index Certified Partner

Give me 30 minutes of your time, and I’ll show you how the Predictive Index Talent Optimization Platform excels over other employee assessment programs.

The Predictive Index

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The Case for The Predictive Index

Many companies believe they have a corporate strategy that leads to business success. However, research from the Predictive Index 2020 Report called the State of Talent Optimization shares business results and concerns about gaps between corporate strategy and people strategy.

Key Findings:

  • Labor costs represent 64% of total company costs
  • Executives say only 49% of last years’ hires were good hires
  • Senior leaders spend 61% of their time at work solving people problems
  • 30% of executives say getting the most out of my people is one of their biggest challenges
  • Only 22% of companies understand what is driving employee disengagement
  • 47% of high performing employees left their company last year

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • “We’re not sure if we have the right strategies in place and the people to deliver the results”
  • 36% of executives say they have a talent strategy, but only 24% say they have a strategy that employees understand
  • 22% of companies agree that senior leaders must play an active role in managing talent
  • 27% of companies lack effective or repeatable hiring process
  • Only 22% of companies understand what is driving employee disengagement
  • 61% of executives say employees are terminated because they lack the behavioral fit or cognitive ability needed for the job

How the Predictive Index Talent Optimization Platform Helps Organizations

People Strategy

  • Talent optimized companies have 30% lower turnover, 34% higher employee performance, and spend 31% less time on people problems
  • Create high producing teams by sharing behavioral insights to make sure the right people are in the right jobs
  • Increase employee retention by offering manager and employee training and development
  • Engage employees by addressing the forces of disengagement: jobs, managers, teams, and culture

Learn More About The Predictive Index

I’m ready. Tell me more . . . 

Contact me to request a FREE PI demo that includes a Predictive Index test that includes a behavioral and cognitive assessment to help you gain personal insights. You’ll also receive a copy of the Predictive Index 2020 Report the State of Talent Optimization to share with your team.

The Predictive Index® – A Different Way to Transform Organizations

Is it time to consider a different way to improve employee engagement and deliver business success? The Predictive Index is a scientifically proven method of measuring behavioral tendencies in the workplace plus a comprehensive program to support corporate strategy, hiring, training and development, team building, and employee satisfaction.

The Predictive Index Scientifically Validated

PI is more than an employee assessment. The Predictive Index behavioral test takes less than ten minutes and the cognitive assessment takes about twelve minutes. Combined, these PI tests offer insights for individuals and team development, hiring, job fit, and matching people strategy to results.

The effectiveness of PI has been proven in organizations large to small and across all industries. Companies with 20, 1000, and 10,000 employees have used The Predictive Index to transform their organizations.

If you’re interested in learning how to put the joy back into the workplace and drive business success, contact me and I’ll show you how you can use The Predictive Index talent optimization platform in your company.

©2020 Pamela D. Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA, a National Certified Guardian, a Certified Senior Advisor, and Predictive Index Talent Optimization Certified Leader. Her experience as an entrepreneur led to people strategies that incorporated workplace training with valuable personal and life skills. In addition to working with companies and groups to optimize talent and company strategy, Wilson offers online caregiver education and events to support working caregivers in providing, navigating, and planning for care for elderly parents and themselves. Caregiving and elder care programs are an essential component of corporate employee health and wellness programs. 







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