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Caregiving is a role that sneaks up on us. One day we’re helping out just a little maybe once a month or an hour a week.  The next day we’re providing care 7 days a week for 24 hours a day.  Family members or friends looking in from the outside don’t understand the daily life and emotional challenges of being a caregiver.  Many times observers are judgmental and place guilt on a caregiver who is doing his or her best.  Caregivers tell me they feel guilty for being angry or resentful of providing care for a loved one. I tell caregivers this is a common experience and that maintaining a relationship with a parent or loved one is more important than being the person, the caregiver, who does all the work.  If you’re a caregiver feeling angry, resentful or overwhelmed, it may be time to have a about investigating other options for care.   Pamela D. Wilson

The information in The Caring Generation library offers education and insight not available elsewhere for both family and professional caregivers.  You’ll discover a wide range of caregiving topics and ideas, stories and interviews about caregivers, interviews with physicians, healthcare policy experts, caregivers and individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and possessing expertise in the healthcare and caregiving industries.  Information is available in print, audio and video formats.

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