The other big supplement discussion today revolves around Vitamin D. I now have many physicians testing my clients’ for their Vitamin D levels and most come up short. The previous recommendation that 400 I.U. was a good daily supplement has now gone out the window. The new recommendations are 1-2,000 I.U. per day. After hearing this from a physician, I went home and looked at all of my vitamin bottles: my multi-vitamin, my mineral, my calcium and so on and discovered that in combination, all of these approach 1,000 I.U. Since I’m a firm believer in vitamins and supplements because I certainly don’t get enough from my diet, one of my next trips is to GNC where I purchase my vitamins to pick up a Vitamin D supplement. I’m at that age where maintaining bone density is important and I certainly want to maintain my current level of activity when I’m older. As your doctor or do a bit of research on your own to determine what’s best.

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