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TechnologyTechnology – What types of technology are available to support caregiving situations?  Emergency call buttons, motion sensors, tele-medicine that monitors weight, blood pressure and blood sugar.  GPS devices that locate individuals with memory lsos who become lost.  Technology is advancing daily to support management of our health and wellbeing.  What technology would be beneficial to you or to your caregiving situation?

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Project LifesaverProject Lifesaver is a national program that supports rescue efforts for individuals with Alzheimer’s and related disorders that become lost.  The program was originally established in 1999 by 43rd Virginia Search and Rescue Company of the Chesapeake Virginia Sheriff’s Office. It continues the initiative of the Stokes County North Carolina Mountain Rescue program which pioneered the use of special equipment to locate lost and wandering patients with mental disorders.

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Assistive Technology Technology is everywhere— computers, tablets, laptops, cellphones, games, video cameras, digital cameras—many people are addicted to having the latest technology to the degree that they wait in long lines at technology stores sometimes camping out overnight. Yet, do we see the same desire to acquire technology that has the potential to enhance quality of life for older adults? Most consumers are not even aware that such technology exists.

Alternative TherapiesSleep difficulties, traumatic brain injuries and depression may benefit from bright light therapy.

Time To Give Up The Car KeysWe love our cars.  Some of us love the type of car we own and the way it looks; sporty, shiny or compact. For others it’s the way our cars make us feel when we’re driving; a convertible with the wind blowing through our hair. Others love the ability to jump in the car and go for a drive; the freedom and mobility a car provides.


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Pay It Forward And Help OthersPay It Forward and Help Others – Interview with Margot Pritzker, Woman on Call (podcast  10:22 playing time)

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International Moment - WaterInternational Moment:  Water (podcast 4:20 playing time)

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