Did you ever have a day when you just didn’t want to get out of bed? Some individuals with chronic or life threatening illness feel like this most days and some don’t make it out of bed. The result then is that body functions weaken and the original health concern becomes worse due to inactivity. But when one feels poorly, it’s difficult to see that one action results in another. Life is a daily fight. This is when the resilience of our lifetime takes over or not. I see so many older adults who have lost the fight for life and ask why they still exist. Some even pray that they will die. My father had a very difficult time after the loss of my mother, including nearly committing suicide. This was caught in time and he was placed on depression medication which totally changed his outlook on life to the point that he did desire to live. I’ve talked to other individuals who when placed on depression medication felt that they had less response to events. It seemed like their emotions were less intense. Since I’ve never been on depression medication I don’t’ have the personal experience to comment. Let’s hear from those with experience who can tell us their opinions on the good and bad about taking medication for depression.

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