Staying Healthy By Avoiding the Doctor – The Art of Living to 100

By Pamela D. Wilson, CSA, MS, BS/BA, CG

Lately I’ve been on a quest to find out how individuals living well into their nineties and hundreds have achieved this great feat.  As some of you know, I produced and hosted a weekly radio program called The Caring Generation® for two and one half years.  Through this program I was able to interview some of the most interesting people in the world.

I had the pleasure of interviewing a woman, Garnet, who began hiking the Grand Canyon at 65 and made more than twenty trips.  She was 103 when I interviewed her and said her friends 20 years younger kept her going.  There is another woman I know living in an independent living community in Denver who is 104 and is still going strong.  While her body has a few issues, her mind is sharp.  Another woman I just met told me that if one sees the doctor enough “they’ll eventually find something.”  Thus it was her idea that avoiding the doctor unless there was something truly wrong was good advice.

Staying HealthyWhat’s the secret?  From what I can tell it’s not frequent trips to the doctor.  I say this tongue in cheek because there is a time when we may need to see a doctor but generally, according to my 100+ year old friends; it seems it’s best to avoid doctors at all costs.  Also through The Caring Generation radio program I’ve interviewed physicians and researchers who believe a long healthy life results more from our own actions than from the physiology and genes we inherit.

Dr. Harold Koenig an expert in religion and health explains that regular religious practice i.e. going to church regularly and becoming involved in church activities makes us healthier.  Spirituality does not hold the same benefit.  Dr. Robert Schneider, internationally recognized in the field of integrative medicine, touts TM, transcendental meditation, as the cure for high blood pressure and many other ailments so much that I investigated and have practiced TM now for over three years.

Sociologists and researchers tell us to maintain an active social life, embrace family relationships and we’ll be more prepared to cope with challenges in our lives.  We’ll also live longer.  Research proves that isolated individuals have more health challenges.  Maybe it’s because their only friend is their doctor.

If you want to hear the interviews with some of the centenarians I had the pleasure of meeting, search for the podcasts on this website.  Here’s wishing you good health and a long life!

©2012, 2013 Pamela D. Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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