I’ve recently met a few older adults who find themselves in a great deal of pain every day and all day. Their greatest concern is taking and becoming addicted to medication. However many of them can barely get out of bed, walk up and down steps, make breakfast without a great deal of pain that I’m told is a 9 on a scale of one to ten, ten being unbearable. So I ask why? Many don’t know that there are pain management specialists. Sure this involves yet another trip to see yet another specialist. But why, I ask, live in constant pain. I would not only be grumpy, irritable, and angry but my husband would probably throw me out of the house for constantly complaining. Ask your general practitioner to refer you to a pain management specialist. Yes, you’ll likely get a prescription for some type of medication, but only after extensive testing to determine the source of the pain and the best course of action. As always there are better pain management physicians than others, ask for a couple of referrals and then make your choice to be pain – less or pain free.

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