I grew up in the country, well sort of. Omaha, Nebraska is about as far out in the country as one can get while still living in a moderate size city in the

Midwest.  It was much smaller when I was growing up in the 1960’s than it is now.  I have wonderful memories of field of wheat that stretched for miles, small ponds and lakes, the nearby wildlife refuge and being able to walk on trails out in the woods for hours.  My girlfriends and I went on many camping weekends.  My friend, Kim, who still lives in Bellevue and I have many fond memories of camping weekends with our dogs.  This gave me such an appreciation for nature and for the idea of self-sufficiency.  Ever read Mother Earth News?  It’s a great publication that really takes one back to the idea of nature and living off the grid of public utilities.  It takes one back to the simpler days of growing up in the country.

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