People with special needs require special care. For those of you who know an individual with dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory loss you know or have learned that there is a knack to providing care for individuals with this diagnosis. Reasoning and directing usually doesn’t work. Persons with brain injuries also require special care and have different needs especially in the event of a hospitalization or nursing home stay. The majority of staff are taught to work with the general population who is cognitively aware and generally able to describe and care for their own needs. Special populations often cannot express their needs and have needs they cannot describe. If you have a family member in this situation be sure to talk with the staff and if possible request persons who have experience with Alzheimer’s or brain injury. If this cannot be accomplished you’ll want to spend as much time at the hospital or nursing home as possible or relocate your family member to a nursing home with a memory care unit. The difference in the care and treatment your loved one will receive is day and night. There is a knack to providing care.

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