Due to the present state of the economy, many assisted living and other care communities have available openings. How do you protect yourself from a community who wants to fill a bed or a room and will tell you whatever it takes to get your family member to move in? Believe it or not, this happens all too frequently because family members are so anxious to find a place for their loved one and they settle on the first place they visit only to regret the decision later. Yes, it’s time consuming and difficult to find time to visit several communities but it’s time well spent because it will avoid yet another move due to inappropriate selection. If you think a facility will never ask your family member to leave, think again. It’s important to notice whether the marketing or salesperson seems relaxed or under pressure to fill a room. Question anyone who wants you to put down a deposit just to have “right of first refusal” or anyone who immediately wants to have you sign forms to allow an assessment. Words you want to hear are that the person wants what is best for your family member even if their community is not the right place.

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