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Here are a few articles I thought you might like.

Elder abuse neglectCombating Elder Abuse

I initiated and participated in a court hearing for an older adult client who was the victim of elder abuse resulting from retaining the services of an in home companion caregiver. When the theft initially occurred, there were questions about proceeding to report the elder abuse crime…

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Caregiving5 Tips to Maintain Balanced Emotions While Caregiving

Have your feelings been bruised recently by someone for whom you’re providing care? You may be taking caregiving too personally. If you’re the caring type, you want to be helpful. But what happens when you become too helpful or become too controlling of the life of another person, especially IF this person IS family? Caregivers of all types have great difficulty setting boundaries…

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Memory loss impairmentMemory Loss Screening and Diagnosis

If you had a diagnosis of memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease would you want to know? The answer to this question is controversial among health care providers and consumers. Some believe, why diagnose when there’s nothing that can be done anyway. Others believe that a diagnosis should be made so that treatment, even though…

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