This morning I took a friend’s dogs to the cleaners, my name for the grooming shop. I do this because she is physically and mentally unable to do so. She has Alzheimer’s disease and numerous physical problems. The dogs are adorable and rambunctious. I don’t know what she would do without them. I wonder what will happen when she needs to move from her home to a care facility. I wonder if I’ll take the dogs so that she can still see them. We recently lost our last dog last summer and while I enjoy the responsibility of not having a dog I still miss having a pair; we’ve always had two. What is the responsibility to our family members when they must leave their home and how are their pets affected? We all take pets into our homes with the intention of caring for them forever, however with some older owners, the dogs or other pets that have provided unconditional love just get left behind. If we have a duty to care for our family member and friends we also have a duty to make sure that their pets receive care and a good home if they must be displaced by illness or the need to move.

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