Including your parents in on your own planning may save you worries later. Do you have a financial planner? It’s likely you know more about financial planning than your parents. Why not invite them to a meeting with you and your financial planner? This offers them the ability to learn and to participate and also lets them know you care about their future. It also offers the opportunity for you to learn more about your parents finances so you can determine if they are going to need your help when they’re older. By participating with them you can also ensure that they avoid any investments that may not be suitable. Many financial planners recommend annuities that are well suited for some older adults and not at all suitable for others. You can also discuss the value of life insurance for the surviving spouse. Even though your parents seem like they have everything together, unless they have been exposed to your level of education and experience, they probably don’t. Don’t assume, ask them to participate in your own planning.

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