I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who was driving out of town for a business meeting. On a long stretch of road, the tire on her car went flat. She called the Automobile Association who promptly explained that her membership had lapsed and there would be a substantial fee for assistance. At that very moment a knock came on her window. It was a man who had stopped and offered help to change the tire. After the tire was changed, Jenna offered him a $20. He declined saying he only wanted to do a good deed and drove off. After arriving at her hotel, Jenna went to the local grocery store to purchase water and some snacks. Standing in line behind her was an older woman, not well dressed with only a few items in her grocery basket sifting through grocery coupons. Jenna gave the clerk a $20 bill for this woman’s grocery bill and rushed out of the store, not wanting a thank you from the woman but seeking to return the man’s kindness earlier in the day for changing her tire. Sometimes the goodness of a stranger can be a blessing. This includes not only helping at the spur of the moment but volunteering for a cause in which you have an interest. Do something unexpected today for someone and brighten a day.

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