Marriages today are transitory. We finish one and begin another. We have blended families with children from one marriage and children from another marriage. Or we wait to marry until we’re much older sometimes to others who have been married and had children. I know of one married couple who were both previously divorced and had decided to marry in their sixties. About two years into the marriage, the husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I can tell you that his new bride did not intend that her marriage be a marriage of caregiving. Nor did she intend to spend her golden years taking care of an ill husband. She was a young sixty and very healthy and outgoing. Fortunately, her husband’s children were more than supportive of their father’s need for care and empathetic of their “new” mother’s situation. Had this not been the case I do not know how she would have coped with the diagnosis just technically after their honeymoon.

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