There are times when parents need too much. No matter how much love exists, needy parents can wear thin on their children. I’ve seen examples of families where one parent passes away and the other parent becomes reliant on their children or child to replace the role of the missing spouse. This is often when children get a true glimpse of their parent’s relationship. Some parents who were extremely reliant on their spouse for positive reinforcement or guidance transfer this responsibility to their children. Others who were depressed or negative also transfer this to their children. It is at this point that children often make the decision about setting boundaries with their parent. It is at this point where the parent may be forced to become self reliant and find new outlets for their needs. If the neediness of the parent is extreme they may find it difficult to establish new friendships because again, they are seeking a replacement for their spouse. When this occurs it is an extremely difficult time not only for the parent but for the remaining family members.

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