There are many types of different communities for older adults ranging from little or no care to twenty four hour care. These include: active retirement communities, gated communities of care, independent living, independent with services, assisted living, personal care homes, memory care, long term care/nursing homes, respite communities and hospice. It is important to assess current needs and project future health care needs to ensure that you or your loved one does not need to move again unnecessarily as each move is more difficult and disruptive than the last.

Available finances are also a long term consideration. Will your loved one be able to afford to pay privately or is Medicaid an eventual likelihood? This requires special planning. What about current and future health care needs? Is long term care insurance available? There are many considerations in planning for long term care needs that effect decisions related to an appropriate choice of a care community.

When seeking assistance relative to a care community for you or your loved one, it is best to consult an expert who can take into consideration all things related to long term care and who has no interests but your best interests, meaning that they are retained by you for a fee.

Many self named housing experts do not charge clients for their services, their services are touted as “free” however they receive financial incentives from the communities they recommend to clients. These housing experts do not look at the long term picture related to care. Nor are all communities willing to pay the “free service” providers, thus families may not be shown an excellent community that does not believe in offering undisclosed financial incentives or finder’s fees. If something is too good to be true, or free, there is a reason.

Ask how service providers you retain are paid and make sure they are working in your best interest, not the best interest of the communities or service providers they recommend — or it’s likely the next move for you or your loved one will not be the last move.

As owner of The Care Navigator, the company does not accept referral fees or financial incentives from business with whom we work as doing so would result in a conflict of interest. We refer the best businesses and communities for our clients and work only in their best interest.

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