Your mother has been living on borrowed time at home with a caregiver, however recently she had a heart attack and is now in rehabilitation. The doctors are saying that she needs more care than a home care agency can supply and you’re balancing the decision between leaving her in the nursing home and looking for assisted living options. In this situation worry and time can be saved by consulting a care navigator familiar with the communities and the care available. It’s a fact that assisted living facilities serve different populations. Some prefer active older adults with no health issues while others provide as close to nursing home care as possible. It’s important to know which you’re considering especially when a community has a number of openings they are trying to fill – they may accept your parent only to tell you that they need to move two months later because their needs exceed what the community can provide. Buyer beware — you wouldn’t agree to an operation without consulting one or more physicians (or would you?). Why not rely on an expert to help you make one of the most important decisions for your parent’s quality of life and for your peace of mind.

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