I receive a call yesterday from a friend, Mary, whose mother was just placed on hospice care. Mary is in the process of finding an assisted living for her father who will not be able to live alone. The situation is now an emerging crisis. Three months ago it was a train wreck waiting to happen, but Mary’s mother wasn’t going anywhere. By that I mean she wasn’t about to move out of the house. Her husband, the more practical of the two, clearly saw the reality of the situation and would have moved in a heartbeat. He was exhausted providing care for his wife however he didn’t want to make waves. Mary tried to talk to her mother about the situation but mom just wouldn’t listen and dug in her heels. Now Mary is in a position where quick decisions must be made and the burden of care has been placed on her shoulders and she’s a little angry. Her father feels guilty because he can’t be of more assistance to Mary and regrets giving in to his wife’s stubbornness months ago. They might not be where they are today if they had moved to an assisted living community.

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