Many family members with loved ones in life communities (personal care boarding homes, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities) often find themselves at odds with the community because of miscommunication or assumptions about care. Admittedly, at the time a loved one moves into one of these communities it’s usually under stressful conditions; however this is truly the time to make sure that you understand what the community can provide and how you can support your loved one. I see many individuals move into communities who then have to move again six months later because their needs have changed. On the flip side, these communities want to fill vacancies so they may tell you what you want to hear. However you also need to know at what point your loved one will be asked to leave and what happens if and when they run out of money? Crises planning that results in more crises and expense later is not good for you or your family member. Plan for the long term and ask the right questions to avoid issues down the road.

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