Ever have one of those moments when you’d love to “mind someone else’s businesses”? Over the years I’ve usually found this to be a bad idea even if the information, in my opinion, would be helpful. I was at the gym yesterday and took a shower after I finished my routine. There was a woman in the shower area with two young girls, probably 5 or 6, and she was allowing them to play in the shower. It took all of the restraint I had not to say something. While I took my 2 minute shower I thought of all of the articles I read about people in Africa using one gallon of water in an ENIRE MONTH, all of the articles about drought and water usage and the photos of dehydrated and malnutrition among children. And here this mother was allowing her children to waste many gallons of water. And not only that, she is teaching them that this type of water usage IS OK. I wanted to say something about water usage in Africa, about conservation, I wanted to turn this woman into the gym police, I wanted to do something but I took my shower, shut my mouth, got dressed and left. What good would it have done? This mother obviously had no concept of waste or water conservation or what she was teaching her daughters. I’m sure she doesn’t allow them to play in the shower at home, why allow it at the gym? Sometimes I just don’t understand other people’s logic and I’m sure sometimes other people don’t understand mine.

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