Memory Loss Screening:

If you suspected memory loss in yourself or a loved one, would you seek a diagnosis by having a Memory Loss Screening?  So many of us don’t want to receive bad news about our health or our future.  Others believe that if a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, why diagnose because there’s nothing that can be done.  In my opinion, not diagnosing is like standing on train tracks waiting to be hit by an oncoming train.  While a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can’t be changed, there are measures that can be taken to support a loved one and family caregivers if involved.  It’s also extremely important to make plans for health care needs and legal plans for powers of attorney so that when the individual with Alzheimer’s disease can no longer manage on a day to day basis, care and oversight will be available.  Many times professionals are appointed as power of attorney because there is no family or family lives too far away to be effective in managing care.  Whatever your situation, would you rather be prepared or forced to react to a crises each time one occurs?

It is always best to plan ahead when you are able to do so.  Planning for your or your parents future needs to happen sooner rather than later.  When we wait we often find ourselves having to deal with difficult family dynamics and a much higher level of stress and overwhelm than we would if we planned ahead.

Taking a Memory Loss Screening will allow you to get a better picture of what you are  your loved ones future care may involve.  There are many wonderful options now available to us as we age.  More now than ever before.  More is known about aging and how the mind works as we age than ever before.  Research and remedies are being announced on a regular basis so that we can plan better and care better for ourselves and loved ones.

Memory Loss Screening seems to something that could really help families prepare for what may lay ahead for them.  Having a good plan in place will ensure a much happier and joyful transition as we age.

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Memory Loss Screening

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