Friends are telling you that you’ve become forgetful. You have a conversation with them for the first time and they tell you that you have just asked them the same question five times; you think they’re playing tricks on you because this is not even remotely possible. You are angry that they are being so cruel. One friend even tells you that your doctor diagnosed you with memory loss over a year ago and you just don’t believe it. Others are telling you that you missed paying last month’s mortgage payment, and your property taxes and income taxes for last year were not paid. All this is just bunk. You’re managing just fine and if you really were late on payments surely someone would have called or sent you a letter. What you are reading here is the everyday life of someone experiencing cognitive decline. The individual truly has no recollection of events and their life become so out of control that their very existence is threatened by non-payment of bills, mortgage payments, taxes, health issues and more. And unless you step in and take action the situation will continue to spiral out of control. Move past the guilt you’re feeling and contact your local county adult protective services department so that they can help your friend or acquaintance. It’s time to give the situation to professionals who can help. .

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