Because of a recent client experience, I’m doing research on medical errors. Fortunately during my lifetime I haven’t experienced anything serious, however I have had my physician prescribe a medication that was on my list of “do not prescribe” due to allergic reactions. I have had lab tests results lost because of only heaven knows. More and more, we need to learn how to better advocate for ourselves with our physicians, those performing tests and anyone working in the medical community. Several years back there was the story of a woman who had a double mastectomy only to find that her biopsies were mixed with another individual and she had no cancer. Imagine the turmoil this woman experienced thinking she had cancer, the challenges of surgery and recovery only to find that she never had cancer in the first place. As healthcare continues to become busier and busier, many of us may find ourselves in this woman’s place unless we take action to educate ourselves.

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