Looking for assisted living facilities for a family member can be frustrating. There are so many. How do you know which will provide the best care? Many facilities will offer to provide a tour during a meal time because food is one of the top complaints of residents. If you can, tour during lunch or dinner. This will give you an opportunity to see not only the types of residents living in the community but also the ability to visit with a few and ask their opinions if you’re outgoing enough; watch how they interact, notice their ages, the degree of their mobility, and if they appear to be happy. Notice any “smells” as this is usually a good gauge of how clean the community is on a regular basis and always ask to use the bathroom whether it’s necessary or not. The bathroom in a community especially at a busy time of day can provide a good indication of how clean the community is really kept. It’s also a good idea to make a list of questions that are important to your loved one and take this with you as a checklist to ask the person providing the tour.

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