I was reading the newspaper the other day and saw an article, “2 in 5 Struggle with Rising Medical Bills” (8/20/08 Denver Post, p10a). I saw another article discussing the fact that the State of Alabama is going to increase health care premiums for workers with poor health habits such as obesity and smoking. Part of the problem is that we’re not taught from an early age about the importance of taking care of our bodies and our health. Then when we’re older, we have health problems that result in health related expenses. The pharmaceutical companies are great about placing advertisements on television and in magazine touting their cures. However no one advertises the real cure which is taking care of our bodies through nutrition and exercise. It’s so simple yet many of us have difficulty achieving this. I’ve probably mentioned before that most of my family has passed on because of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, etc. by the time I was 24. It was at this time I began taking nutrition and exercise more seriously because I didn’t want to experience the same early demise. Fortunately exercise has become a regular habit in my life. This is not to say that a week won’t go by when I don’t make the time to exercise, but most times I get right back on my regular exercise schedule. Exercise has become a time of escape for me. A time when I get away from everything, no phone calls or emails, no appointments, just time for me to listen to my IPOD and get away even if only for an hour or two several times each week.

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