I have a client who talks about living versus having a life. She now says she has a life thanks to the assistance I provide in addition to a caregiver who helps weekly with grocery shopping, meals, housekeeping etc. She moved to the Denver area to be close to a daughter who she never sees. Because she is generally homebound she does not have a regular opportunity to socialize. Her main companions are her dog and cat. She is extremely intelligent and an interesting conversationalist, held captive by physical issues. While she has the financial means at least for now to pay for needed care, there will be a time when she will have to leave her cozy apartment and her pets behind. While she planned well, she did not include long term care insurance in the plan. This would have allowed her to maintain her independence as she ages and her health worsens. This will allow her not to rely on a daughter who asked her to move near who does not even now visit her mother. In spite of all this, she remains positive most days and thankful that she has a cozy apartment that is clean, meals, medical attention and pets that she loves. The lesson is to know that regardless of available family member, in the end you will have only yourself and your ability to plan to rely upon. How are you planning for your future?

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