In addition to this BLOG I write a monthly newsletter that goes out to anyone who signs up or those I come into contact with. The newsletters are emailed out and then posted on my website at www. Anyway, one of the subjects related to the issue that the government has taught us to depend on public assistance for long term care because they haven’t taught us otherwise. By this I mean that there is little education about the fact that Medicare does not pay for long term care. By long term care I mean the type of care that older adults need to get along day by day. Help bathing, dressing, making a meal, housekeeping, and laundry and so on. The inability to do these tasks long term usually results in being placed in a nursing home, where if a person does not have money, the government will pay. The problem is that no one really wants to live their last days in a nursing home. So my theme today is “Get Educated – Get Long Term Care Insurance” so that you have choices. Contact me and I can provide you not only with education about long term care insurance but I’ll be happy to give you a variety of quotes so you can make the decision NOT to spend your last days in a nursing home – or at least spend them in one of your choosing.

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